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Dr. Schroeder boasts over 17 years of practice in the veterinary field, treating animals of all sizes. From small cats and dogs, to horses and livestock, Dr. Schroeder and his team are well-versed in treating a myriad of simple and complicated conditions for all pets. Dr. Schroeder is native of Amherst, and currently resides with his wife and 4 children.

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Dr. Schroeder attended the Abilene Christian University of Texas, and then graduated from Texas A&M to receive his doctoral degree in veterinary medicine. His extensive education and comprehensive knowledge of numerous species allows Dr. Schroeder to provide your pet with more tailored, personal and effective medical care.

Perhaps the most important quality of any veterinarian is the simplest: A love of pets.

Dr. Schroeder's education, knowledge and vast experience matter just as much as his personal love for pets, small and large.


When you bring your animal to Lamb County Veterinary Hospital Ltd, you're allowing them to receive truly personal, loving treatment by a caring, genuine staff who treats him or her like a member of our family.

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About Dr. Schroeder, Veterinarian

Lamb County Veterinary Hospital Ltd employs a knowledgeable, dedicated team of veterinary professionals, led by Dr. Schroeder.

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