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Lamb County Veterinary Hospital Ltd | Littlefield, TX

Lamb County Veterinary Hospital Ltd maintains a comprehensive stock of vaccines specific to a myriad of small- and large-breed animals, ensuring your domestic pets and farm animals are protected against infection and costly medical care.

We quickly treat and vaccinate for:

Livestock vaccinations available


• Distemper

• Rabies

• De-worming

• Rattle snake bites

• Kennel Cough      (Bordetella)

• Parvo

Lamb County Veterinary Hospital Ltd caters to the health and wellness of all animals, including livestock. We also carry a full line of common and necessary cow and goat vaccines to protect your livestock from recurring illness. House calls are available!

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Life-Saving Vaccines for All Breeds

Protect your pet from infectious disease and ensure their health is maintained. Choose our veterinary clinic for safe, proactive vaccinations.

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• Leukemia

• Rabies

• Distemper

• De-worming


• West Nile virus

• Sleeping sickness (Encevac-T)

• Pinnacle

• Rhino

• Rabies

• Coggins testing for Equine

Infectious Anemia

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